Workin hard to play

Just saying, 

  I played a lot this weekend. Gardening with Paige. Washed the poopy compost off me and the truck (reminding me of the time when my brother Ben called me while we both lived in Fairbanks – SAM!!! Get the truck over to such and such address right now. They have some free compost samples. Get all that you can! So I drove over and loaded the whole back of the truck and composted the crap out of their new garden beds), ran down to UVU to catch a couple innings of the UVU baseball team with my boy Blake H. Thomas who gave me all the ins and outs of college baseball, ran over to Hangtime to jump tramps with Nate and Ellie and Maren, and sprinted up to Salt Lake to catch dinner and the Real Salt Lake game with Brandon and the boys. And the best part of it all? I did it all blindfolded because I’m working for this new nonprofit organization that spreads face-blindness awareness and we were doing an organization-wide demonstration. TOTALLY fulfilled people. Life is good. 


Just kidding about the blindfold. Nonprofits are for those who hate making money. And I love makin money. LOVE it. 

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One Response to Workin hard to play

  1. Busy boy!
    Love you Sam

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